35+ experience gift ideas for her

1. Weekend Away Voucher

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $5


Show her your kindness with this voucher that will let you spend time with her on a weekend away.

2. Spa Experience Gift

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $33


A gift basket with a wedding cake scent that will surely make her feel special. This gift basket is packed with Shea Creme, Lip Balm, Cuticle Balm, Soap, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Shea Butter and coconut oil.

3. Couples Treasure Hunt

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $24


Surprise her with this treasure hunt gift that has eight meaningful jars with a choice of twenty clues, a start and an end card. A couple’s perfect gift for expressing their feelings through the power of words in a romantic way.

4. Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set

Shop: uncommongoods.com
Price: $40


The best gift that lets a mom and daughter to share a nostalgic set of 40 cards and envelopes until the very last envelope is sealed with the aim of creating a keepsake that will last forever.

5. Menopod Instant Cooling Device

Shop: uncommongoods.com
Price: $91


Get her this electronic gadget that provides an almost instant relief from sweats and hot flashes caused by menopause. It works by only pressing a button and holding it on the back of the neck for about one minute.

6. Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks

Shop: uncommongoods.com
Price: $32


After a long and tiring day, you can buy her this relaxing gift that will turn her normal bath into a luxurious spa experience.

7. Lucid Mirror

Shop: uncommongoods.com
Price: $880


This gift combines three functions into one: a mirror, a light source, a work of art and an ambient that will let her experience a walk in the forest or the sun shining behind the clouds.

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8. Meeting Point Sevilla

Shop: cratejoy.com
Price: €34.99


A gift that will give her an opportunity to taste the Spanish experience. The gift features items from Andalucia, Spain and each box contains speciality food items, artisan goods and cultural exploration tools.

9. Baby Eden Bundles

Shop: cratejoy.com
Price: $47.99


A great bundle you can gift to trying, expectant and experienced mothers and is packed with healthy snacks that provide necessary nutrients as well as information for a healthy pregnancy journey.

10. Retreat in a Box

A box that includes meditations, creative projects, journaling exercises, self-exploration activities, self-care treatments and several other items that will help her relax, reflect and reconnect with herself.

11. Absinthe DIY Cocktail Kit

Shop: bespokepost.com
Price: $15


It is an all in one kit with the ingredients to mix 2 quality Absinthe cocktails. The kit includes a stainless steel absinthe spoon, sugar cubes and a recipe card.

12. Surprise Universal Harry Potter Trip Ticket

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $8


Surprise her with this custom boarding pass for a trip or surprise vacation to universal studios or harry potter world.

13. Holiday Movie Night Basket

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $29


Give her a movie night to remember with this basket that includes popcorn seasonings, candy and many other items. Choose one of the latest movies to leave a lasting impression in her mind.

14. Holiday Game Night Invitation

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $14


This custom made printable invite can be a nice gift for that special young girl like your daughter or cousin to invite her to a Christmas game night and ugly sweater holiday party.

15. Printed Ticket to Disneyland

Shop: etsy.com
Price: $4


Young children love Disney stories and this can be a great gift especially for your child by surprising her with a planned trip to Disneyland. A great gift to be considered during the holidays.

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16. Indoor Skydiving Experience

Give her the real skydiving experience without necessarily having to jump out of a plane which seems a little too scary.

17. Comedy Show

Get her tickets to a comedy show with you or her friends and let her enjoy a night full of fun and lots of laughter.

18. Record Her Own Song in a Music Studio

If she likes to sing, you can plan to surprise her by taking her to a professional recording studio where she will be given professional help to record that favorite song of hers.

19. Hire a Personal Chef

Surprise her by hiring a personal chef to prepare her a five star meal for an evening without her necessarily having to leave the house.

20. Bungee jumping

Take her to this amazing experience that will dare her to conquer her fears as she immerses herself into this free-falling thrill.

21. Scuba Diving Lesson

find the perfect scuba diving class that will let her experience first-hand how it truly feels to scuba dive.

22. Horse Riding

Horse riding might have been in existence since many years ago but it is still a great way of passing time and enjoying the surrounding scenery.

23. Hot Air Ballooning

There is no better way than spending an evening floating over a beautiful landscape taking photos as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. This will surely make her day or evening.

24. Trapeze Lesson

This is an idea that will make her get the feeling of being part of a circus by swinging and flying through the air.

25. Racing in a High Performance Race Car

Give her this experience that will get her adrenaline rushing by racing in a fast car like Ferrari.

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26. Hang Gliding Lesson

A great chance to make her feel like one of those flying birds. Try and find the place with a beautiful terrain for maximum thrill.

27. Rock Climbing Adventure

An experience that will also help her in burning those excess calories.

28. Ticket to a Museum

You can buy a ticket for two that will let you spend time with your loved one exploring what history has to offer.

29. Trampoline Park

A fun filled trip for a family. Your kids will really love it once they get to play in a trampoline park.

30. Zip lining Adventure

An adventure that will let her zip through treetops with exciting views of the ground below.

31. Massage

A gift of pampering that will leave her feeling relaxed. Even if it is a local massage parlor, nothing can take away that relaxing touch.

32. Foraging

An adventurous experience in the wild that will enable you to give her a chance to look at nature in a different way.

33. White Water Rafting

An exciting outdoor experience running down a river that will surely give her chills running down her spine.

34. Wine Tasting

A great chance to try and to get to feel how some of the finest wines taste like.

35. Ice Cream Tour

A trip for her to go and have a taste of different flavors of ice cream that will help to keep her feeling cool.

36. Glamping

One of my favorite outdoor activities. It is the perfect gift that will enable her to connect with nature. An experience that will surely make this year a year to remember.

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